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September 22, 2016
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Candid Photography

A photograph, which is taken without the prior consent or knowledge of the subject being captured, is known as a candid shot. The candid shot is also commonly known as the random or natural shot. This particular genre of photography is called Candid Photography.

Candid shots have their own beauty. As we all know that the other photography genres demand the proper attention of the subject who is being photographed. In a candid shot, a subject appears to be least concerned with his appearance and does not pose or look straight into the lens.

Secret photography does come under candid photography because of the commonality of subject’s unawareness and proper posing.

Still, candid photography should never be confused with secret photography in which the character does not expect in the least that he is being captured and is totally unaware of the presence of any photography equipment around. Secret photography may call for legalities since it is unethical and a legal offense. However, candid photography involves no such issues because of being ethical and legal.

There is specialized equipment for candid photography, which is unobtrusive in appearance with the intention of avoiding distracting the subject being photographed. Black painted cameras because of their small sizes had long been in use for the purpose of clicking candid shots.

The candid photographer cannot enjoy the luxury of using external or even built-in camera flash because the instant light coming straight from the camera would call for the immediate attention of the subject leaving him completely aware of the camera focus that ended up with him posing for the shot.

photographer-391417_640Tips to capture the perfect candid shot:

  1. Make sure the subject you are headed to capture is well in your viewing range and is not aware of being photographed.
  2. Preparation of the shot is of utmost importance. Always keep your camera ready before you actually come across your subject.
  3.  Keep your camera on the setting you require beforehand. Else, you will end up wasting a lot of time in adjusting the camera to the required setting and miss out on many candid shots meanwhile making your subject fully attentive to pose in front of the camera.
  4.  Since your subject is not giving any attention to the camera there is a likelihood of mobility of your subject, which may cause motion blur. To reduce the possibility of motion blur to the minimum, always adjust your camera on the faster shutter speed.
  5. Make the use of your zoom lens to its full extent to avoid calling the attention of the character being photographed.

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